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Do I Need a CMS?

Written by on March 17, 2014.

When you set out to have your new website built, your designer will need to ask you several questions to determine exactly what type of site you need. One of those questions that will come up is " Do you (the client) want to be the one to make the changes to your site once it is completed, or do you want us (the designer) to do it?" If you would like to be the one who makes changes to your site, then the site will have to implement a CMS (Content Management System) into your site. H2 Creatives' CMS is simple to use, and with the initial training you will be up and running quickly! So, how do you know if you want your site to have CMS functionality? To best answer this question you need to take into account a few questions.

First, you need to consider your budget. Websites built with a CMS are more expensive to build than a regular static website. There is considerably more time involved in coding the site, testing the site, and then training on how to use the CMS.

Second, how often will you have new content? If you are going to be updating the site more than once a month, then a CMS might be the way to go. You should discuss with your website designer what content will need updating and how often. Another thing to consider, is how many pages on the site will need to be updated through the CMS. If there is only one page that needs regular updating, your web designer could just build CMS functionality on that one page, saving you money!

Third, do you have the time to commit to a CMS? Many small business owners already have too many things on their plate. Do you want to add another thing to take up your time, or would you rather focus on your business? There is also the time needed for training on how to use the CMS. If you are going to implement a CMS make sure you have someone who will be responsible for using it on a regular basis.

Finally, you also need to keep in mind the maintenance on the website. If your site is built with CMS functionality, you are the one in charge of the site. Once the finished site design is completed and handed off to you, you are the one in control of the site. If your site somehow gets broken and doesn't display properly after an update who will fix it? Is there someone in house who knows HTML? If not, you will have to have the web designer fix the site, costing you more money.

There are many instances, where a CMS makes sense for a website. There are also many times when a CMS would be overkill. If you take the time to discuss these questions with your web designer, you will be on the road to the perfect website for your company or organization.